BBC News Labs Projects

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    • #newsHACK - Industry Collaboration

      #newsHACK is all about intense multi-discipline collaboration on Journalism innovation, to support & accelerate the News Industry.
    • 360 Video & VR - Immersive News

      We are looking into the craft, applications and audience experience around 360 video filming and VR for Immersive News.
    • Alto - a multilingual journalism tool

      ALTO is a virtual voice-over tool for re-versioning video content into multiple languages using text-to-speech voice synthesis
    • Atomised News - with BBC R&D

      News Labs has been working with BBC R&D to explore a mobile-focussed, structured breadth & depth approach to News experiences
    • BBC Minute CatchUp - Pilot from RLabs in Cape Town

      A web-widget that embeds into existing websites and webpages and offers users the latest Global news in just 60 seconds.
    • BBC Rewind Collaboration

      The News Labs team is working with BBC Rewind - a project liberating the BBC archive - to share tech and approaches.
    • Captions - Who's talking when, in Parliament

      Exploring the use of captioning workflows as a means to infuse our linear output with structured data.
    • Connected Studio - World Service

      A programme of international innovation activities, aimed at harnessing localised industry talent to explore new opportunites.
    • Device Switcher

      Device Switcher lets developers and journalists view their websites in their mobile, tablet and desktop views
    • Explainers - using structured journalism to provide context

      As part of our push towards Structured Journalism, we are working on "Explainers", an additional level of structure beyond the current tagging model.
    • External Links Manager

      ELMer is a prototype for automating external linking from BBC News stories.
    • Language Technology

      BBC News Labs started a stream of Language Technology projects in 2014, in order to scale our storytelling globally
    • Live Stream - Live video from Journalists' mobiles

      Live View allows Journalists to IP 'live stream' via our digital services. It also supports wrapping/integrations these live streams with social conversations and linked data relationships.
    • News Switcher

      News Switcher lets BBC journalists easily switch between the differents editions of the News website
    • Newsroom.Tools - aka Journalist Toolbox - from #newsHACK 2015

      In June 2015, a hack team at #newsHACK created a concept called The Journalist Toolbox, proposing that newsroom content publishing & presentation tools needed to be more accessible for journalists. This has been renamed to Newsroom.Tools
    • SUMMA - Scalable Understanding of Multilingual MediA

      This Big Data project will leverage machines to do the heavy lifting in multilingual media monitoring.
    • Structured Journalism

      Can we empower journalists with better ways of working with information, beyond the headline and text of a story?
    • Suggestr - connecting the News industry with BBC tags

      A new intuitive and quick way of tagging news articles with linked data concepts, which opens the BBC's structured data to benefit local News organisations.
    • The Juicer

      The Juicer takes news content, automatically tags it, then provides a fully featured API to access this content and data.
    • The Network of Content

      The BBC has AN ENORMOUS amount of amazing content that can explain and contextualise the News. How do we connect and harness this?
    • The News Slicer

      The News Slicer takes MOS running orders and transcripts from BBC TV Broadcast Playout, then auto tags and auto segments the stories.
    • Topic Modeling in the News

      News Labs is working with UCL et al on identifying topics in the News, automatically. This is to support News recommendations, and to do the heavy lifting for Journalists
    • Transcriptor - create transcripts from News Video

      Transcriptor takes news audio content, transcribes it, then provides a means to view and edit the transcript alongside the original content.
    • Window on the Newsroom

      Window on the Newsroom is a prototype discovery interface to help Journalists find content quickly across the whole Newsroom system by story or metadata properties