The Juicer

Status: active
How might we support exploration and understanding of Journalism at a global, meta level?

The Juicer is a news aggregation and content extraction API.

It takes articles from the BBC and other news sites, automatically parses them and (based on their content) tags them with related DBpedia entities. The entities are grouped in four categories: People, Places, Organisations and Things (everything that doesn’t fall in the first three).


Documentation is publicly available at this link.

To use the API, you need an API key.

If you’re a BBC employee, you can obtain an API key by registering at and requestimg a new key. Select “bbcrd-juicer-apis-product” as the product you want to access.

Web interfaces

The beta web interface is available if you are connected to a BBC network.

The WAT webapp uses the Juicer API to generate a series of amusing graphs.

We are working hard to give everyone more ways to play with the data available in the Juicer, including:

  • a public search interface
  • trending topics
  • more jaw-dropping visualizations

Next Priorities

  1. Public interfaces / prototypes to support open use and adoption of The Juicer.
  2. Multilingual, cross-language topic mapping, in order to look at global topic trends / patterns.