Mozfest proposals submitted

We submitted a couple of days ago two proposals for Mozfest, the Mozilla Festival.

The Festival, annual gathering of Mozillians, open-web connoisseurs, and hacker-journalists, will take place in London, in the Ravensbourne media campus, North Greenwich, from 24 to 26 October.

There were 22 journalism sessions last year, and the News Labs had a table at the Science Fair on the Friday evening. It was the occasion to demo the Juicer and to talk about the Storyline. The Juicer demo about Nick Clegg was of particular interest!

We would like to be part of it once again. So, we put together two proposals which, hopefully, be very insightful for the participants.

Proposal 1: Explore Linked Data with BBC News Labs

Linked Data is a big part of our work, as we have been working quite a lot on this since 2012 and the creation of the News Juicer (more about the Juicer here).

This session would be the occasion to give to the community a first practical approach of Linked Data, by giving the participants access to our tools, even after the event.

The session would be animated by our Iain Collins. Plus, our great Jeremy Tarling, Data Architect for BBC News, will be in charge of the quick intro presentation.

Help improve Popcorn.js

Our second proposal concerns Popcorn, Mozilla’s “HTML5 media framework written in JavaScript for filmmakers, web developers, and anyone who wants to create time-based interactive media on the web.”

We’re going to use Popcorn for a large project of ours, as a basic layer adding simple content to our videos. Therefore, we would like to give back to the community, and a way of doing that is to open-source our imrpovements to the library.

This workshop would basically be a brainstorming session and a call to work together on the improvement of Popcorn.

Up next

Both these proposals were submitted as part of the “Build and Teach the Web” track. Mozilla selected 11 tracks for Mozfest 2014, each representing a “cluster of topics and sessions” and curated by a “Space Wrangler.

More about our proposals soon, as soon as we know if they are selected by Mozfest - or not.