Passive Personalisation Talked up as Future Trend

The Future of Personalised News

‘Passive personalisation will be key for future news’, so said Jimmy Maymann, the Huffington Post CEO at this week’s Web Summit 2014 in Dublin. Maymann presented ‘passive personalisation’ as a trend that would help to alleviate the “content overload” being experienced by many online audience, in particular news, by ensuring that only the right news reaches the right people.

Maymann said that passive personalisation offered a way to use data, including browser data to make sure that news was shaped and targeted to individuals.

“News now needs to be updated, not even on a minute but on a second basis – people want to see what’s trending on Twitter and they want to make sure that they’re updated all the time, and to play that game you need a lot of content.”

“So I think passive personalisation across platforms will be another way where we can hopefully get to a point where we create really personalised experiences, so we don’t have to create 5,000 pieces of content.”