Fun with YouGov API

It was sort of very hard to miss this week on Twitter: YouGov unveiled its tool called Profiler.

“Powered by the UK’s largest connected data set, YouGov Profiles gives marketers a richer and more detailed portrait of their customers and the products and services they use.”

“It joins 120,000 integrated data points from over 200,000 of YouGov’s most active UK panellists to show how every single member interacts and engages with traditional (TV, radio, press, print) and new media (online, social, mobile) channels.”

It appears in the launch article that this tool hints at market research and media planning, but that’s not how Twitter users saw it:

To the point of this article

YouGov was kind enough to open their API to the public. As a result, our good Iain Collins jumped on the occasion and wrote a Github Gist to get you started with the basic requests - click on the image to access the document:

We hope to have the occasion to integrate this API in some experiments of ours in the weeks and months to come. Surely, there is something to do with all this data!

You can access the YouGov profiler here:

Oh, and just one more: