Announcing #newsHACK III - Language Technology

newshack # Announcement: #newsHACK London on15th December That was last week’s big news for our followers: our next #newsHack hackathon will take place in London on 15th December. The theme of this event is the booming space of language technologies.

Head directly to the article for details and booking.

Makers Session: teasing’s over

We promised we would publish more about our Makers session in Euston, and we delivered. A couple pictures are included - some may be silly, other may be cool.

The theme of the event was: “Make a Wearable: Explore the future of news-gathering and storytelling by embedding digital behaviour into everyday objects”, and you can find on the article what the participants did with this broad headline - including a chicken-weather-station-hat.

VR headsets playaround

After all the fun we had with Google Cardboard, the News Labs may or may not get more deeply involved in Virtual Reality. Project’s code-name: Immersive News.

Yes, teasers. Or not.

Al Jazeera hackathon challenges

The Media in Context hackahton, organised by Al Jazeera, unveiled its 12 official challenges for next weekend. The invited participants will have to take on one of these to try to win the $50,000 prize.

Mel, Basile, and Thomas, who are taking part in this international event, are supposed to talk about these challenges. For some context, see section 3 of this article.

Project of the week? The YouGov API

We’re not sure if that’s really a “project of the week”, but hopefully, this introduction to YouGov API will get you started. Thank Iain Collins.

If you don’t know what YouGov is, go read the article. If you don’t know what an API is, go read it anyway.