Visual Storytelling with Storehouse

Storehouse is a visual storytelling app which allows users to seamlessly upload photos and short video clips to create multimedia posts. Designed for iPad and iPhone, it has been developed by Mark Kawano (former user experience designer at Apple). It features a simple minimalist design making stories look good in the hands of designers and non-designers alike, with photos and videos easily reordered and adjusted with titles and linking text added before publishing.

Posts can be searched for under authors name, hashtags or within groups. A quick search under the ‘Staying Informed’ banner reveals global stories from around the world including these on the battle against Ebola in Sierra Leone, fighting ISIS in Kurdistan, and stories published by DFID highlighting the plight of girls from developing countries who are forced into marriages as children.

Storehouse works best for short and simple posts with a visual emphasis and is probably less suited to in depth analysis, but if you’re looking for an app that helps you make beautiful, shareable and discoverable stories, look no further!