Tools, Resources and Trends for 2015 has compiled a useful end of the year list of tips and apps for digital journalists.

Also published is analysis of a report by the Webbmedia group into emerging digital trends that journalists should look out for in 2015 with highlights including the following.

  • ‘One to few publishing’, a quality over quantity reaction to there being too much information to sift through on the web. Of note is This, a new network which allows users to share only one link per day.

  • ‘Intelligent cameras’. As camera associated software (such as face recognition) becomes more advanced and cameras become more connected to each other, what opportunities emerge for journalism?

  • ‘Robots and video capture drones’. With military technology become more available and affordable, devices will be used to replace journalists in areas that are unsafe or inaccessible.

  • ‘A Focus on Audience, not device’. The report highlights a need for media organisations to think less about which devices news is delivered on and more about how and where consumers access it, and how their needs might change during the day.

  • ‘News Playlists’ or ‘Spotify of News’. Consumers are increasingly interested in creating playlists of news that can be accessed from multiple devices throughout the day, so when viewing is interrupted on one device, it can be continued later in the day on another device.