#newsHACK III - Language Tech


#newsHACK III was held in Rainmaking Loft in London on 15th & 16th December 2014.

Automated international News Services of the future

The theme was “Automated international News Services of the future”. Read the announcement for #newsHACK III that was published beforehand, here on the News Labs Hacker Journalist Blog.

The Winners of #newsHACK III

NB - the winners were selected for their prototypes and demonstrations made at the event, not on the software & technologies brought to the event.

The “Language technologies” Demonstrated at #newsHACK III Language Tech:-

The Language Technologies included, but were not limited to:-

  • Speaker diarisation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Audio segmentation
  • Speaker identification (unique, gender)
  • Audio event analysis (e.g. gunfire, laughter, music)
  • Multilingual Speech to Text
  • Machine Translation (other than google / bing services)
  • Multilingual NER ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Named-entity_recognition )
  • Multilingual relationship extraction – “The next thing after NER”; the cutting edge bit of NLP at the mo.
  • Multilingual knowledge stores (Graph)
  • Multilingual speech synthesis