The Resurgence of Sound

A lovely piece from Charlotte Higgins in the Guardian about the resurgence of sound and our rediscovery of the love of audio. From the Reith Lectures to Serial, sound is making a comeback and is being celebrated as the marvellous medium it is, rather than simply as TV without the pictures.

She writes, “the notion of the single great mind, given the space to communicate authoritatively on a subject, has fallen from favour… I spoke to David Attenborough about how, when he was controller of BBC2, he had commissioned Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation. It was easy, he told me. He just felt it would be a good idea. Broadcasting, he said, “should be the cream of thinkers in society who have been given by the BBC a platform on which they may speak. But the BBC doesn’t believe that now.”

The tremendous popularity of Serial shows that factual storytelling, in this case the serialised narrative re-telling of a murder investigation, is alive and well, and that sound has a place in audience’s heart’s and in the contemporary journalist’s arsenal.