Audio News from James Cridland

James Cridland writes a weekly newsletter about the future of radio.

At the start of a year which promises to see the resurgence of audio it’s worth have a regular look at. This week, amongst other things, he highlights the development of Google Cast for audio which was announced at CES. Described as ‘Chromecast without the video’, Cridland says, “it’s a better way of doing Bluetooth speakers than, er, Bluetooth speakers. I’ve had Chromecast in the front room for a while (for my music collection), and now TuneIn supports Chromecast, I’ve been listening to a lot of radio too. In my humble opinion, Chromecast support is something you must be putting in your radio apps in future. Why wouldn’t you?”

Also interesting for BBC News on the radio is the launch of the 1Radio News app for android, which plays the latest hourly radio news bulletins from BBC, NPR, CBC, Radio Japan, Radio France Internationale, or Voice of America. The app also allows you to listen to your favourite live news from English language broadcasters from around the world.