Shuffle - Personal News Aggregator for Mobiles

Shuffle is a newly launched app with an eye on building news streams for consumers on a hyper-personal basis. The app is described by Bustle as a ‘Tinder for News’, featuring as it does the swipe left/right sorting, which allows you to dismiss articles of no interest or store articles for future reading and possible sharing. Patent pending software learns your preferences from your swipes and will sort new information accordingly, assisting users to curate news content from multiple sources.

Media Group of America are behind the app. Co-owner Alex Skatell was recently interviewed by Simon Owens of Nieman Lab, where he explains his ideas on the personalisation of news and the way we tend to share stories on the basis of ‘hyperbole’ which promotes our belief system, rather than what really interests us.

Shuffle is perhaps further evidence that in 2015, developers will be responding to the needs of consumers rather than focusing on devices?