Martina Frantzen - a new Slabs in the Labs

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We’re delighted to announce that Martina Frantzen will be joining us at News Labs.

Martina is a UX designer in the BBC Design Trainee Scheme, and she’ll give us a hand on these matters - where our poor eyes for design and proper usability are often not enough.

She comes from Finland, and moved here only a handful of months ago. The really weird part is that she is quite happy about our weather, over here. We’ll probably rely more on her eye for colours than on her sense of whether this is “a beautiful day” or not.

Anyway, Martina is already looking at how we can improve this blog, as well as one of our pilots, Radar - which is essentially an internal monitoring of the latest news in tech and online journalism.

There’s quite a lot to do for her, to be fair.