Journalism Tech Radar - Timeline

Name: Timeline


What is it: Laughing Squid describe Timeline as ‘a news aggregation app available for iOS that offers rich contextual information to the standard bullet-pointed headline story presentation, adding important historical events that served as the foundation for the current event’.

Use for News: TechCrunch interviewed Spencer Chen of developer Axiom Zen who says, ‘The news that we read today is only the tail-end of many important events in history that shaped the events of today. Timeline enables readers to discover all these key facets of a news story and offers readers much richer context and understanding of the news. And in some ways, the team’s vision is less about seeing a big gap in the news app category but more about seeing a bigger (and natural) evolution with the best ways news and information is to be consumed by everyday consumers’.

Upside: Timeline presents news headlines within a historical context. Readers can jump or skip sections of the timeline to focus on items of particular interest.

Downside: TechCrunch journalist Anthony Ha isn’t very flattering about it’s usability, and worries that ‘talking about historical context can sound an awful lot like the news equivalent of eating your vegetables’.