Snapchat Launches Discover

In a move which could be seen as part of a continuing evolution into a media (and journalism) destination, Snapchat have launched a new feature. Discover links the user to curated stories from CNN, Vice, Yahoo et al. ‘Editions’ of stories disappear after 24 hours thereby continuing Snapchats short lived delivery method but offering a slightly longer read (and extended advertising revenue).

Mashable says ‘The introduction of Discover is the biggest step in the company’s evolution from an ephemeral messaging app to a major media platform — but not its first.’ TechCrunch say ‘This new Discover page puts media at the forefront of Snapchat’s product. Brands and publishers are delivering content to users as opposed to relying solely on content users create to power usage of the company. It comes at a crucial time as Snapchat starts to focus on advertising’.