Game the News

From Auroch Digital, a ‘play with the news’ spin off in the shape of Game the News which offers, “short, playable experiences to make you smile or think from news & current affairs”.

Projects include the REACT funded JtR125 which explores the crimes of Jack the Ripper 125 years ago in a playable documentary. The project represents one of six new collaborations between filmmakers, academic researchers and creative companies as part of the REACT Future Documentary Sandbox, a nationwide programme to explore the theme of Future Documentary funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

More controversially games such as Endgame: Syria explore conflicts still ongoing. The game promises, “a free interactive exploration of the ongoing civil war. Can you make the choices to win peace as well as war?”; with one commenter on the Game the News’ site writing that, “this game is either an extremely biting satire on hyperreality and ‘news’ as ‘entertainment’, or, as I suspect, it’s shockingly opportunistic and shameful. This horror is actually happening, people, right now. It’s not something for you to ‘play’ on your iPhone in your own comfortable world”.

Also of note within the Future Documentary Sandbox project is Quipu, which collects, records and shares the personal stories of the people affected by Peru’s unconsented sterilization policy. The project uses accessible and available technology in the form of low cost mobile phones and VOIP to collect the stories, and recently reached its crowdfunding target to take the pilot to finished project.