Street Harassment in Mexico City

Also funded by Fusion is journalistic arts/activism project ‘Stop Telling Women to Smile’. A collaboration between Anna Holmes (editor of digital voices at Fusion) and artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. The two women travelled to Mexico City, where levels of violence against women are amongst the highest in the world. Once there they met and interviewed women about their experiences of street harassment. Fazlalizadeh made photographs of her subjects and drew their portraits which were then posted around the city in an effort to ‘push back against the street harassers’.

The project is described by Holmes in an interview with Kristen Hare at Poynter this week. ‘Holmes wanted to see if it was possible to take something that was art project and activism and make it a visual interactive. With more than 38 hours of video and hundreds of photos, it could have been a four-minute documentary, Holmes said, “and that would have been it, but that wasn’t as interesting to me as documenting it as a trip and trying to show how she draws.”’