Medium Make Some Changes

Medium are introducing some changes in the way stories are posted, listed and by introducing tags to make them more discoverable.

Nieman Lab reports that the changes are designed to make the home of the ‘long-form’ more appealing to writers of the ‘short-form’. ‘By showing that Medium can be a destination for both the long and the short, the high brow and the low, the goal is to lower the stakes and get more fingers tapping away on’.

Published on Medium this week are a couple of interesting Tech themed articles to peruse; Dan Gillmor has written ‘Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Apple, Google and Microsoft’ about the politics of technology and why he seeks out alternative platforms. See also this piece by Aaron Schildkrout, ‘Leading without coding’ a how to guide for ‘those people who take on the bold challenge of creating a technical company without technical expertise on their founding team’.