The Future of the News App

There has been plenty of discussion this week on the theme of apps for news. According to Nieman Labs’ Joshua Benton, traditional publishers have tended to favour the newsstand app approach whilst digitally native publishers have backed the web and social media sites. It now appears that the divisions are becoming blurred.

‘On one hand, Circa debuted a full website today, breaking further out of its app shell. Earlier this month, Flipboard did the same. On the other hand, Gawker is now building a native app, 12 years into its existence. And BuzzFeed is going app-happy too, releasing a Tinder-for-cute-animals app, preparing a specialized news app, and more’.

Benton thinks this is evidence of ‘a broader victory for app use on phones’, and ‘a recognition of the power of social platforms’ and ‘a shift in business strategy’.

What’s clear is that there is a lot of movement, experimentation and innovation going on in the world of apps at the moment.

Nieman Labs’ Joseph Lichterman has been finding out how Huffington Post, Fusion, Mashable, NPR,, and The Verge are approaching Snapchats new Discover platform.

Whilst Jeremy Barr at reports on NowThis, the video news network which has scrapped it’s website altogether this week, in favour of curating links to social media platforms only. Interesting also is this statement by Chris Johanesen of Buzzfeed on how they are experimenting with additional apps in order establish stream of news to appeal to differing sectors of their audience.