Detour is a new app which offers ‘location-aware audio walks’. Mashable’s travel editor Jessica Plautz has been reviewing it and describes it as ‘the latest contender trying to bring the traditional walking tour into the technological age’.

Detour isn’t the only tour app on the market, but a listen to the quality stories on offer (at the moment limited only to the San Francisco Bay area) quickly gives you the impression that this app is much more about location based storytelling rather than a walking tour.

Ryan Lawler at Techcrunch also likes the crafted stories; ‘Detour was built to make automated, location-aware walking tours available to users. But unlike most walking tours, which shepherd travelers through typically mundane tourist traps, those included in Mason’s app are more like moving stories that lead listeners through off-the-beaten track shops and alleys. That includes a walk around North Beach venues the Beat writers used to hang out at, a jaunt around the Tenderloin as narrated by John Perry Barlow, and a tour of Marina sweet shops as narrated by a fictional German philosopher. It’s more like listening to an episode of This American Life or Radiolab than your usual walking tour’.