That Gold White/Blue Black Dress Thing

Whilst the debate over the colour of ‘that dress’ was a silly and frivolous thing, here are a couple of interesting journalistic views on the event.

Firstly Craig Silverman author of ‘Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content’ (see previous Radar blog), writes in Poynter about the cognitive dissonance experienced by the online collective.

‘We don’t go about our daily lives assuming that own brains — and our eye — can give us faulty information. They do, all the time.The simple truth is our brains process information in ways that can lead us astray. This is something every journalist needs to be aware of and account for in the work we do.’

For Ben Thompson at Stratechery however, it is no coincidence that the debate got going once Buzzfeed asked readers to vote on the colours they saw. For him, the event provides evidence of the internets dismantling of the traditional and sometimes restrictive journalistic methods of print media, and why Buzzfeed is now the most important news organisation in the world.