News Jamming With The Guardian

The Guardian will be exploring the theme of ‘gaming the news’ at the Rezzed PC gaming festival in London (12-14th March).

‘Small teams of coders and designers will be given a selection of recent stories from the newspaper, and will then have 48 hours to create games based around the article they choose. The best entries will be made available via the Guardian site’.

Keith Stuart at the Guardian say’s that whilst there has been plenty of experimentation in this area, games as a ‘news delivery mechanism’ don’t feature in the mainstream. However, Stuart thinks there is burgeoning interest and a thriving hack scene which will stimulate growth in this area.

‘The news game experiment at Rezzed could be the first time the concept has ever been explored at a major gaming festival. It will be fascinating to see how young game developers, rather than major media corporations, approach the problem of presenting current affairs as an interactive experience’.