Citizen Bloggers

The Guardian’s Frances Perraudin published an interesting interview last week with citizen journalist Tim Fenton who writes a blog called Zelo Street from his home in Crewe.

According to The Guardian, ‘The blog has gained a reputation for its forensic coverage of the phone-hacking inquiry and a methodical approach to spotting contradictions and apparent instances of hypocrisy in the mainstream media’. Perraudin puts Zelo street on the same footing as blogs like Bellingcat, which are started by ‘amateurs’ and/or non journalists and have evolved into trusted resources.

As a left wing blogger, Fenton see’s his distance from the mainstream newsroom as vital. ‘“Independent-minded bloggers are totally different from the press,” he says. “As soon as you get in with the press you’re compromised.”’

Also highlighted in this ‘group of bloggers – usually white and male – who are considered a vital resource by media accountability campaigners’ are Peter Jukes who writes Fothom, Tim Ireland who writes Bloggerheads and Paddy French of Press Gang.