YourNextMP from MySociety

YourNextMP is a collaborative project, supported by mySociety and the Democracy Club.

Enter a postcode into the search box and the site will tells you which local candidates are standing in the 2015 election, who stood at the last election and if they are standing again this time around.

MySociety say’s, ‘Every general election there are a load of projects that all need the same thing – a nicely formatted, accurate list of the candidates who are standing at the election. Loads of people need this data – journalists, app builders, campaigners, Wikipedians, everyone.

But the government doesn’t actually publish the lists until right before the election, and when it does the data isn’t the least bit suitable for modern use (think unstructured PDFs and worse). It’s way too little and way too late. That’s why we’re big fans of the new’.

Data from the site is free and available to use under Creative Commons licensing terms and is supplied by volunteer contributors and the candidates themselves.

Another free, useful and volunteer staffed resource is Meet Your Next MP which lists events which the candidates will be attending so that voters (or journalists and campaigners) can meet with them and see them speak.