NewsHACK V in North Wales


Last week, we were in North Wales running the fifth edition of #newsHACK, our intense multi-discipline hacking on specific problem spaces. And it went great!

We invited a set of Welsh universities to this two-day event in Caernarfon, close to Bangor. They brought with them a good mix of Computer Science and Creative Writing/English/Journalism students.


Teams were invited to particularly focus around this topic:

How might we create a location-aware, personalised News experience that shapes itself around YOU?

Winners and categories

Each individual from the overall winning team from Wales will be offered the opportunity to receive a personal BBC Cymru Wales Buddy to share their knowledge and experience of the industry. And of course, we handed out a bunch of hoodies, and talked jobs with the students.


Our special congratulations for the OVERALL WINNER of this NewsHACK North Wales: //No Comment!

  • DELIVER THE NEWS: //No comment, Aberystwyth University
  • TALK ABOUT THE NEWS: Glyndwr Team A

For the SURPRISE Category, we selected Bangor Team A.

The event


With a great mix of Computer Science and Journalism students in the teams, we were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the presentations, but also by how well the projects were angled, from a BBC audience-driven perspective.

Working in such a beautiful sea shore location and having a glimpse at the partial solar eclipse surely helped the morale of the group, but we also felt a great deal of enthusiasm from the students who got the chance to speak personally to BBC staff, content creators, journalists, technologists, and managers.


Our experts provided advice to many, from technical advices and guidance for our APIs, to workshops for pitching.

Oh, and it was also the first event we ran with the new version of the Juicer, our linked-data semantic engine!

Up next

This event was the first part of a two-fold event, and the next one will take place on 26th-27th March, so, this week, in Cardiff.

Our organisers and experts can’t wait to see what the participants come up with!

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