NewsHACK VI in Cardiff


We told you last week about the first chapter of this two-fold series of events in Wales - which took place in North Wales - so now is time for the second part.

Last Thursday and Friday, we were in Cardiff for NewsHACK VI, our intense multi-discipline hacking on specific problem spaces.

Topic and teams

As for North Wales a week before, we invited universities to send students over for a little competition, centered about the topic of location-aware, personalised News experience that shapes itself around YOU.

A similar substract of students joined us for hacking and pitching: a nice mix of Computer Science and Journalism/English. It led to very nice presentations, that left our judges with the difficult task of picking winners.

Winners and categories

Each individual from the overall winning team from Wales will be offered the opportunity to receive a personal BBC Cymru Wales Buddy to share their knowledge and experience of the industry. And of course, we handed out a bunch of hoodies, and talked jobs with the students.

The Wales overall winner will be announced soon!

winners Rhossili

Our special congratulations for the OVERALL WINNER of this NewsHACK North Wales: Swansea University Team Rhossili!

  • DELIVER THE NEWS: Team Oxwich, from Swansea university
  • TALK ABOUT THE NEWS: Team Rhossili once again

The event and the projects

It is hard to overstate how happy we are with the projects the students came up with, as well as how interesting it was to spend some time with them. We urged many to apply for our Graduate Schemes, Work Experiences, and jobs - and we hope they do.

The topic of recommendation and local news is quite a tricky one, but the results were definitely interesting. Some groups that started with the intention of re-wiring everything with the full spectrum of the topic (personal feeds, community and social sharing/reading, subscriptions, local and hyper-local news…) were successfuly led by our experts to drill down a particular aspect of their broad idea. And the results were brilliant.


In both Nort Wales and Cardiff, we provided guidance for using the BBC APIs opened to the participants (Juicer, Location, Weather), advice and dry-runs for pitching and presenting, demos of tech gadgets, and jobs and carreers people to talk to.

Sincere thanks to BBC Connected Studio and BBC Wales for their organisation and participation in these great events.

More information about the #newsHACK Wales initiative on