Pool. The Online Platform on a ‘Broadcast’ Model

Lauren Laverne has partnered with former Cosmopolitan editor San Baker to launch ‘The Pool’, a new online platform with material aimed at a female audience. The writing has an emphasis on quality and variety, with well known journalists and writers already contributing.

Drawing on her experience as a radio DJ, Laverne is thinking about what her audience will be doing when they are looking at the site, and how much time they might have.

Interviewed by Jasper Jackson of the Guardian, she says, >“Radio is always the audience of one, where are they, what are they doing. You start with them and work back…A lot of digital media doesn’t do that and a lot of traditional media certainly doesn’t do that. It’s that old fashioned thing of I’m here declaiming what the news is or what this kind of fashion content is, rather than thinking about that person and starting with them.”

Stories on the site are labeled with the time each piece takes to read, so that articles can be browsed for on the basis of how much time a user has. Content is delivered to the site in timed ‘drops’ and can be saved for reading later with a scrapbook function.