Journocoders meetup at the BBC

journocoders meetup

Yesterday evening, we hosted the Journocoders meetup in New Broadcasting House - and it was just great.

This rather young meetup (yesterday was the fifth time it took place) aims at proposing hands-on collaborative workshops to the attendees, with a different topic each month.

Basile co-organised this event with Elliot Bentley, from the Wall Street Journal, and they decided to hit two birds with one stone while being at the BBC: teaching the basics of APIs-handling with the example of our Juicer.

The event kicked off around 19:30 on the 5th floor with a traditional show-and-tell led by Elliot to showcase some work done or found by the members.

The participants were then unleashed on the tutorial written by Basile, Elliot, Karl, and others, on Github: Using an AP-what?

Feel free to submit pull-requests if you find typos or errors, or if you have suggestions!

The tutorial explains step-by-step what is an API, what is the Juicer, and how to run simple queries to inject results into webpages. After that, some challenges are proposed to go a bit further for those who manage to power on through the first part.

journocoders meetup

We’ll leave you with these fine words:

Thank you very much for coming, we hope to see you again! Do be in touch with Basile or Elliot for any question about the event.