One Sentence News Stories for the Apple Watch

Reviews of Apple’s new watch seem to be in broad agreement; Yes it’s cool, but why would you need one? Here’s an interesting one from Bloomberg which reaches that conclusion.

The New York Times however is working on the assumption that in time we will come to realise why we need technology on our wrists and has developed a new form of one sentence storytelling accompanied by photography and bulleted summaries for teeny weeny screens.

A list of apps currently available for the Apple watch is published by CNET. Included in the News App section along with the New York Times are apps from Feed Wrangler, Yahoo News Digest, NPR One and CNN. The Apple Watch UK site is also showing a list of apps ready to go which include apps from airlines, travel companies and social networks.

It will be interesting to see if other UK based news organisations choose to experiment with news delivery to the wearables market or continue to wait to see if the technology becomes more mainstream first.