Journalism Tech Radar - Curator

Name: Curator


Use for News: First announced in February, Twitter have now launched Curator. Initially available only to media publishers, Curator allows relevant conversations and trending topics to be discovered, filtered, integrated into broadcasts or websites and published in real time.

The Next Web have put the tool through it’s paces whilst reporting on the Grammy’s and you can see the results here

Upside: TechCrunch reports that Curator’s advanced filtering ability, it’s real time quality and the way the broadcasters can decide how the information will be displayed on screen will make it a useful tool.

‘The service makes it easy to run a simple query, in order to pull up results like the most-retweeted content, or tweets that include videos and reference a given hashtag. But what makes the service powerful for its users are the variety of ways it’s able to filter the Twitter “firehose” – meaning, the full stream of all the posts taking place on Twitter’s network – in real-time. Using Curator, companies can find and filter these tweets by a range of factors, including keywords, authors (@ handles), location, language, time zone, follower count, number of retweets or favorites, verified users and much more. This allows for more complex queries. For example, an organization could ask to see something like women who were saying positive things about a given topic in a particular time zone. Users can also negate terms in their searches, too, which could help to filter out unrelated content or curse words, for instance.’

The upside for Twitter (and it’s investors) is that more tweets will be viewed in more places by people who don’t have Twitter accounts.