New starter at News Labs Sylvia Tippmann

sylvia portrait

Sylvia is a hybid creature. She is a bio-informatician by training - a mix of stats, models and genome research. During her PhD she explored what biologists call the ‘wet lab’, making stem cells into neurons and studying what happens with the DNA as the cell transforms. After a short stint in drug discovery, Sylvia took to New York to study science journalism and unexpectedly ended up in London. Journalism is what brought her to the BBC but she will combine concepts and algorithms from genetics to learn from media output. Our genome, after all, is text - just like online news articles, radio and TV scripts. Her super power is R and the ability to communicate between people doing machine learning and the rest of the world.

Supporting Karl, Sylvia will help make the BBC News Lab’s Juicer “the most talked about Global News API in the world”. She likes taking things quite literally - so, if you don’t know the Juicer yet, don’t worry. You will.