Transparency Projects

Volunteer organisation, The Democracy Club have added a new app to the suit of tools available on their website. The organisation’s aims are to ‘increase the quantity, quality and accessibility of information on election candidates, politicians and democratic processes through digital tools, microvolunteering and collaboration with like-minded organisations’.

Democracy Club CV lets users find the CV of their local candidates or browse through all the ones they’ve recieved so far. Candidates who don’t submit a CV are shamed with a ‘Not submitted their CV’ notice. The Online Journalism blog has a write up of the site which includes an interview with developer and Democracy Club team member Francis Irving, who says, >‘I’ve always felt we don’t pay enough attention to selecting MPs – we could do more to pick good ones. This way voters can select candidates with backgrounds and skills that they like. Especially when major parties often have very similar policies, this gives another dimension to be considered’.

Airwars is another collaborative not for profit project. It’s aims are to track and document the international war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The site reports the war in numbers, with simple high quality graphics and charts detailing the numbers and locations of strikes (or weapons releases), whether the attacks were carried out by the U.S or allied forces, aerial reconnaissance missions and strike locations. It also offers daily reports and documents both military and civilian casualties, whilst making available an archive of all known public military records of the war.

The site is run by journalists Chris Woods, Latif Habib and Kinda Haddad, and designed and maintained by data-journalist (and BBC News Labs team member) Basile Simon.