Wearable News

Following the launch of the Apple watch and the news that the New York Times will be one of the watch’s featured apps, executive director of NYT’s R&D lab, Matt Boggie, has been talking to WAN-IFRA about the future of news on wearables. As part of an upcoming WAN-IFRA report, ‘Wearables for News Publishers’, Boggie talks about developing new human/device interactions to suit smart watches as they come onto the market, but also future developments in the wearables market.

‘With wearables, the first wave of uses are very aspatial and asocial. The things I want to know as a person are about interacting with my space, but with breaking news alerts I could be in Arizona or in Europe when those news alerts pop up. We’re looking at making things much more spatial so that if you take our recommendations for coffee shops, for example, and you’re walking past a spot we recommend in Barcelona, then we want to alert you and from that have you find our tour of the city. Putting that element of space back into the information is important’.