#newsHack VII - Connected Studio for World Service Africa, Capetown

This ‘Development Studio’ event took place in Capetown, South Africa, in April 2015.

The aim was to generate new products & technologies that better distribute BBC audio content to an African audience.

See the BBC Connected Studio page for more details.

The Challenge

Using technologies that complement one another, and the resources available at the event (BBC content, Raspberry Pis, Radiodan, etc.), we want to develop imaginative and relevant ways of distributing content which improve the audience’s experience.

These are the questions we’d like to answer:

What is the next generation of radio?

  • How do users get access the audio content that is relevant to them? How do we get this content to them?
  • And how do they use it at a time that suits, and at a low/no cost?
  • How do we continue to provide the highest quality news coverage to audiences on the platforms they use regularly?
  • How can we plug ourselves in to their daily digital routine?
  • What new ways are there to distribute audio to a younger audience on radios and mobile digital devices so that they can easily consume, contribute to and share BBC content.