Cape Town Development Studio wrap up

Last week, two of our Slabs joined the BBC Development Studio in Cape Town, South Africa. This event was organised by BBC Connected Studio, the World Service, and News Labs.

Jacqui and Basile flew halfway around the world to join the effort and help the participants with this event’s challenge: distributing audio content better to African audiences.

So, of course, they brought Juicer along, with many others bits of tech, such as the Weather and Location APIs. Once again, access to the BBC content greatly helped the team, although their projects and prototype were not aimed at taking full advantage of the Juicer’s new queries (geo-spatial multi-hops, semantic search and association…)

The event took place at RLabs, a social innovation space located in Athlone - just East of Cape Town city centre. Created in 2008, RLabs just blew our mind away by concentrating a lot of young and very talented people, who basically run an Academy, an incubator, trainings, an internet radio, a virtual currency, and two Youth Cafés.

The challenge was: > “Using technologies that complement one another, and the resources available at the event (BBC content, Raspberry Pis, Radiodan, etc.), we want to develop imaginative and relevant ways of distributing content which improve the audience’s experience.”

Four prizes were awarded at the end of the event:

  • Special award, for a complete technical demo: RLabs1 “BBC Catchup”
  • Best incorporation of BBC content in one’s daily routine: eNCA “BBC Wake Up Call”
  • Best idea: Culture “Connected Audio”
  • Best presentation: “BBC @hand”

Now back in London, there will be additional judging to decide which idea(s) will be commissioned by the BBC to be piloted. More on that later.

Working with RLabs has been a great pleasure for Jacqui and Basile, who want to warmly thank all of them for making the team feel welcome.

You can catch up on the event via the live blog