Buzzfeed Hires Craig Silverman

The Globe and Mail reports that Buzzfeed is hiring Craig Silverman as it’s founding editor for a new Canadian outpost.

Founder of fact checking site Emergent , Silverman has had plenty of mentions on this blog (see last weeks Verification Handbook). Described by Poynter as ‘a scourge of inaccurate reporting and longtime correction collector’, Silverman is no stranger to Buzzfeed. In August 2014, Silverman published an article with Poynter in which he interviewed Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith, after it had emerged that Buzzfeed had deleted over 4000 posts from it’s site following agreement of a $50 million venture capital deal. A previous article by Gawker alleged that the hidden purpose of the cull of articles was to bury incidents of inaccuracy and plagiarism.

At the time of the interview Smith was keen to point to internal initiatives which would set new editorial standards across the developing and rapidly growing company. It seems that the conclusions of that initiative might have led to a job offer for Silverman, and perhaps something of a rebirthing for Buzzfeed, as demonstrated by this article (to which Silverman contributes), which focuses on Canterbury based news agency Central European News, which it accuses of selling ‘inaccurate or downright false’ stories to news agencies worldwide, including Buzzfeed.