Reporting from Baltimore with Periscope

The Guardian’s Paul Lewis provided reporting from Baltimore with live streaming app Periscope. As violence and anger broke out on the streets, Lewis interviewed members of the community in the immediate area around the church where Freddy Gray’s funeral had taken place just hours before.

Jonathan Albright discusses the way Periscope can be used as a new medium for journalists. Does the social media aspect of broadcasting on Periscope bring something to the audience or is it simply another useful tool for journalists? Albright, thinks that the live and unedited reports from the streets of Baltimore, told in the words of it’s residents captured something akin to the ‘Golden Hour’ in photography; >‘It’s when the subjects in an image are depicted under warm, natural light. It’s when shadows are the least visible, and the details of a scene are enhanced. Likewise, there is a window when journalists can capture the richest part of a breaking news story’.