Jacqui Maher Joins News Labs

If you think that 2015 has already started well for us, with the WAT prototype, the Future of News project and our timeline of innovation, the launch of BBC Taster, our re-usable Twitter semantic tool, and UX designer Martina joining us, brace yourselves: it did get better.


Jacqui Maher joined us, too! She started in January, but has been busy with the Audience Development & Data, Election 2015 and Focus on Africa teams, speaking at conferences and working with World Service in Cape Town. Better late than never for the introduction though!

Formerly of the Times of New York (i.e., The New York Times), she worked for many years on the Interactive News desk, a group of hacker-journalists in the newsroom then joined the R&D Labs to work on streamtools, a pretty amazing project she showed us last autumn while in London.

You can find her on Twitter (bonus: dog pictures), Github, and Mozilla OpenNews’ Source.