Investments in Podcasting

Recent news from the world of podcasting shows new investment in original content.

James Risley of Geekwire reports that Audible (Amazon owned online audiobook sellers), are hiring Eric Nuzum as ‘senior vice president of original content’. Risley reports that Nuzum had been responsible for finding and developing new radio shows at NPR. >‘Audible has not yet announced shows that he will oversee in his new position as senior vice president of original content. However, his title indicates how seriously Audible is taking its efforts in creating new audio material’.

It’s not yet clear how podcasting will fit into Audibles subscription service. However investment is also being made in U.S public broadcasting as Radiotopia, are set to receive $1 million of investment from The Knight Foundation to produce more original content. NiemanLab (also funded by The Knight Foundation) points to strong and steady growth in audio, although just how podcasting will pay it’s way in a commercial market is not so clear yet. >‘Knight is investing in Radiotopia as podcasts and audio storytelling are capturing more attention from the public. Some attribute that to shows like Serial, but as Pew’s State of the News Media found, listenership has been steadily growing for a number of years. Whatever the causes, many media companies — some with a history in radio and more without — are vying for attention between our ears. But podcasting remains a fairly new form of media, and advertising remains at an early stage as well’.