Apple Axes Newsstand

Apple have announced that they are doing away with Newsstand, the app which was dedicated to downloading and distributing digitally published newspapers and magazines. Plans were announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference to replace Newsstand with, ‘News’, which will be a personalised (Flipboard like) feed with all the usual Apple styled up/down, left/right swiping to navigate through a slick new full page magazine layout.

News sources will be searchable, but there will also be publishers channels and a list of top stories. [The Verge] ( are reporting new Apple News partnerships with themselves, The Economist, Vanity Fair, Financial Times, Time, Wired, BuzzFeed,Vox, the New York Times and Bloomberg Business. MacRumors suggests that Newsstand partners had complained of buried content within the old Newsstand arrangement. Publishers will now be free to distribute their own apps within the app store, but at a cost;

‘With the new structure in place, individual magazines and publications will sell their own app experiences within the App Store, allowing companies to push their content directly to a user’s device without having to navigate through Apple’s Newsstand app. While Apple is said to be adjusting its revenue cut for some types of subscription content, the company will reportedly continue to take its traditional 30 percent revenue cut from subscriptions within these services currently available in Newsstand’.

News is set to launch initially in the UK, US and Australia in the Autumn.