‘Bling Corner’

Here’s some new kit (or expensive toys) that might be of journalistic interest.

Firstly The Verge are reporting that GoPro will shortly be releasing a new array of products including; a ‘quadcopter’ (or drone), a spherical camera mount which holds an array of cameras for shooting footage for VR experiences, and a 360 degree 16 camera mount which will integrate with Google Jump, Googles open source software which allows creators to splice together footage from multiple cameras to create high quality 3D imaging.

Secondly, Oculus have (sort of) unveiled the cost of the consumer version of their headset which expected to go on sale in the first quarter of next year. Re/code are reporting comments made by Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe which suggest that the headset and a p.c suitable for running it will cost in the region of $1500.

Lastly, here is a review of the Apple Watch by Joshua Benton of NiemanLab with a particular eye to the experience of the news consumer.

‘I’ve spent the past few weeks with a town crier attached to my wrist. Or at least that’s the best metaphor I can come up with for what wearing an Apple Watch does for (to?) a news-interested consumer. It’s tweaked the modern American condition — constantly fiddling with your smartphone — with a system of thumps and buzzes that grab your attention whenever an app believes it deserves it. It is simultaneously a marvel (a powerful little computer, attached to my arm!) and a bore, a transference of focus from a nice 4.7-inch screen to a tiny 42-millimeter one’.