YouTube Launch Verification Initiatives for Journalists

YouTube have partnered with verification experts Storyful to launch YouTube Newswire; a channel that curates and verifies eyewitnesses videos as a resource for journalists reporting on significant world events.

Storyful are already operating the same model at Facebook Newswire so it’s not the first partnership with a global company for News Corp-owned Storyful. Techcrunch say’s that YouTube and Storyful have been working together since the Tahrir Square protests in 2011, but this formal partnership is part of a new suit of initiatives designed to hang on to YouTube’s diminishing role in news reporting, in the face of competition.

YouTube’s parent organisation Google are also throwing their support behind the First Draft Coalition, which is recieving funding through Google News Labs. First Draft, is a group of organisations specialising in the verification and analysis of user generated content, including Bellingcat, Eyewitness Media Hub, Emergent, Meedan,, Storyful and Verification Junkie. The coalition are planning a new website that will feature journalistic training and resources, on the theme of discovery and verification of eyewitness material on social media. They have marked the beginning of the project by publishing a series of articles and case studies on Medium which serve as an introduction to their plans.

Techcrunch also reports that YouTube is launching WITNESS Media Lab in partnership with WITNESS which identifies, verifiys and publishes citizen recorded evidence of human rights abuses from around the world.