Calais migrant crisis - first 360 news footage

Could 360 video of life in the Calais migrant camp in northern France help people engage with a complex news story about the migrant crisis in Europe?

We went to find out last week and found ourselves caught in the drama when a strike by ferry workers resulted in migrants mobbing backed up lorries.

Using a 360 filming rig for dramatic and chaotic scenes with migrants, police and lorries revealed a number of challenges with the kit. But we managed to turn around three clips, and publish them on the BBC YouTube News Channel by Friday. The 360 video works best on the YouTube mobile app (even better with Google Cardboard if you can get hold of some).

When you watch the scenes below, imagine them as immersive content in a future mobile news app with additional text and photos to provide context. Or perhaps with a simple audio commentary. Does being able to look around the migrant camp help you to understand it better?

The 360 works best on the YouTube mobile app.

(Team: Paul Adams, Alice Doyard, Peter Boyd Maclean, Peter Passmore and Zillah Watson)