BlueLabs Demo space at New Broadcasting House


For the next three months, News Labs and Blue Room are running a drop-in showcase every Thursday from 10-4pm, in the 4th floor Collaboration Zone, New Broadcasting House.

See the Blue Labs Project page.

The teams will be sharing projects from R&D, News Labs, the Blue Room and other emerging technology and formats from across the industry. You can also book a micro-session for your team. For more information please contact Matt Shearer.

Week 1

On Thursday 18th June, we started off the News Labs Show-and-Tell at the Collaboration Space at NBH. Ever wondered what News Labs is doing? Drop by in the next 12 weeks! Our projects are quite diverse really, and so we decided to draw up some focus areas on little memo cards - we gave everything. This week, the dream team from News Hack VIII Rob Cochran and Sylvia Tippmann, spread the news around NBH and gave visitors and insight into Juicer, BOB and Topic Modelling.

We are thankful to BBC Blue Room who attracted a lot of attention with their iPad 3D-modelling app (Sylvia and Rob got their heads done in 3D!) and Alexa, the intelligent boombox!

Next week up: Basile and Jacqui bringing insights into BOB, Juicer and Structured Journalism!

Week 2

For the second edition of this joint demo space, Blue Room brought along a collection of tablets to show the latest in personal broadcasting, eg Periscope, Meerkat, Twitch, and so on.

Jacqui and Basile presented the BOB set of tools: an internal portal gathering audience insights, coming from different sources such as Chartbeat, Facebook Trends, the new topics-ready app… These figures are fed to the editors in the newsroom regularly.

And of course, it wouldn’t have been a Labs demo day without some Juicer prototypes, such as WAT, and the Election 2015 Issues with linked data.