Google News Lab Offers Online Training for Journalists

Google News Lab is open for business, offering online lessons in the use of Google tools for journalists.

Tool training is grouped around four core themes; research, reporting, distribution and optimize (analytics), with free tutorials for Google’s Search, Maps, Youtube, Play Newsstand, News, Public Data Explorer, Earth Pro, Alerts, Consumer Surveys, Translate and Permission tools.

The site also showcases google funded programmes and experiments. There is a heavy emphasis on data (here’s where the monetization comes in) with a collection of case studies from major news organisations on the use of Google Trends which allows users to search through trending topics by location and provides data on search interest and articles published.

A thoughtful film places data journalism within the wider history of journalism with passionate contributions from journalists around the world including David Leonhardt. In this piece for Upshot (from the New York Times) he writes eloquently about how data is simply another word for ‘information’, which has been the currency of journalists since journalism began.