Data News

Finding Stories in Spreadsheets

Paul Bradshaw has published a new online book for data journalists entitled ‘Finding Stories with Spreadsheets’. Published by Leanpub, the book shows readers how to clean up and modify data and use simple spreadsheet formulas to interrogate it and find answers; >‘One spreadsheet can tell many stories. You just have to know the right questions to ask. Based on a decade of training journalists and working with news organisations on data-driven stories, Finding Stories In Spreadsheets outlines the techniques for asking the right questions of data using tools like Excel and Google spreadsheets’.

Data Pioneers of the Seventeenth Century

Whilst we might think of data analytics as being a new millennial occupation, Andy Cotgreave of Tableau knows differently, and has been celebrating the work of data pioneers in a 3-part blog.

Part one of the series looks at the work of Joseph Priestley and William Playfair, two 17th century coffeehouse patrons, who were amongst the first in the ‘age of enlightenment’ to attempt to use charts to create data visualizations in order to understand the world around them.

Part two looks at how designers of data visualizations need to step away from the computer screen and think about how information can be presented in a viewer friendly manner, in order to get the greatest impact.

And part three goes back into history to look at imaginative ways in which the tools at our disposal can be used creatively to understand and display information.