SpaceX Demo - week 4

Until the end of August, News Labs and Blue Room are running a drop-in showcase every Thursday from 10-4pm, in the 4th floor Collaboration Zone, New Broadcasting House.

Week 4


Last week, Basile and Thomas ran the demos for News Labs. They brought along tinyfm, a Raspberry Pi FM transmitter project that wom them a couple of awards at Al Jazeera’s Media in Context hackathon.

They explained how such an inexpensive piece of kit could be one way of broadcasting to underserved audiences, preserving rare dialects, or deliver BBC content to remote places where data plans are too pricey.

R&D’s Radiodan was also there. For those who missed the session, Radiodan is a set of experiments around radio streams and the physical, screenless object that radio is. You will want to look at their website.

This week, the teams will be sharing projects from R&D, News Labs, the Blue Room and other emerging technology and formats from across the industry. You can also book a micro-session for your team. For more information please contact Matt Shearer.