Social Media - Getting Noticed, Vile Speech and Snapchat News

What’s the Best Time for Sending Out Posts?

Nieman Lab have been looking at a new study by Klout (who measure social media presence and influence online). The study looked at Twitter and Facebook posts and subsequent responses, to determine whether or not there is a best time for posting, in order to get noticed by your audience. The results show that posts are more likely to receive a reaction when they arrive within newsfeeds during the working day. However, the geographical location of the receiver influences the optimal response times within the working day.

In the U.S., people on social media in New York and San Francisco tend to react more in the first half of the work day. In Paris, reactions peak in the later half of the work day; in London, near the end of the work day. The most notable exception: Tokyo, where reactions on social media peak twice in the day, both outside of working hours.

Klout have made all their data publically available on Github and the full study authored by Nemanja Spasojevic, Zhisheng Li, Adithya Rao and Prantik Bhattacharyya, is available here.

Trouble at Reddit

Reddit has been in some trouble over the past few weeks. Events started when Reddit employee Victoria Taylor was fired from her role on the ‘Ask Me Anything’ desk. Reasons for the sacking remain unclear, however the Reddit community believe that Ms Taylors dismissal was part of an attempt to try to ‘clean up’ the site which hosts group forums with names like /r/CoonTown and /r/JusticePorn. In defense of what the Reddit community believe to be freedom of speech, user protests were staged which led to the shutting down of some of the most popular forums by volunteer moderators. David Auerbach has some interesting thoughts on Slate about how to ‘detox’ Reddit by introducing a ‘hate’ label and harnessing social stigma to carry out the clean up job. Whilst there may be a debate as to weather some Reddit users would respond to social pressure to conform, Adi Robertson at The Verge is predicting the end of Reddit as it stands, as disillusioned users jump ship to new platform, Voat.

Reddit’s refugees are, by some accounts, the worst of an already bad lot. They’re the people who deride any hint of anti-racism or anti-sexism as “social justice warrior” (or SJW) antics, believe that surreptitiously creepshotting teenage girls is a heroic use of free speech, and leave a site because banning five harassing boards with names like /r/FatPeopleHate is an unspeakable act of oppression. And there’s one place that will take them in….

News at Snapchat

Elsewhere in the world of social media, Muslims performing pilgrimage to Mecca this Ramadan, (a city usually closed to non-Muslims), were able to share their experiences live with the rest of the world via Snapchat. The Guardian reports;

Worshippers in Mecca are streaming their stories live on Snapchat, opening up the Saudi city to non-Muslims online. #Mecca_Live began to trend on twitter this weekend as hundreds of thousands of people campaigned for the mobile app to feature the city as a live story. The online push was successful and Snapchat users are able to get a glimpse of the Muslim holy city on the 27th night of Ramadan – which some believe to be Laylat al-Qadr, or the “night of power”.

In other Snapchat news, The Wall Street Journals Digits section say’s Snapchat is making a greater effort to point users towards their news platform ‘Discover’ with a redesign that makes the facility more findable to the user, and more profitable to the user.

The design change comes as Snapchat is trying to get more of its 100 million daily users viewing the full-screen ads that appear in between the articles and videos in Discover. The ads represent Snapchat’s first attempt to turn its popular app for mobile messaging into a moneymaking business and live up to the $16 billion valuation investors placed on the startup earlier this year.