Zillah's 360/VR update. BBC Natural History Unit & Edinburgh Festival

Here’s the first of what will be a short weekly update on VR and 360 developments both inside and outside the BBC to keep people across this fast moving world.

Developments to note

  • YouTube 360 have said they will support stereoscopic 360 video for VR from late October/November. Sound will continue to be mono for now.
  • Paul Dean from the NHU used the new Google/GoPro Odyssey stereoscopic camera in Monterey but hasn’t seen the footage yet. It will be “stitched” using YouTube’s “Assembler” system which they say will stitch footage in 24 hours. The first Odyssey camera should be available to use by the BBC in November. 360 footage shot in Monterey with an underwater 360 rig is on bbc.co.uk/taster now.
  • Alia Sheikh from R&D shot lots of 360 footage at the Edinburgh Festival including a comparison of 360 and 16 by 9 capture in a theatre. Get in touch if you’d like to see this.

Content – 360 video for news is starting

Recent announcements

Discovery announced the launch of Discovery VR, short form VR content starting with sharks

ABC News launched ABC VR with a film about Syria. It’s not yet clear whether this is a one-off or a regular service.

Sony announced that the “Morpheus” headset will be renamed PlayStation VR (no release date yet)

And here’s the first cereal box/VR viewer giveaway I’ve come across (in New Zealand)… expect more to follow

Inspiration for the Future

Hacking the inner ear – how electrodes in your ear might fit with VR. Weird.

Inside USC’s amazing VR Lab

Zillah Watson, Editor, BBC R&D