Zillah's 360/VR update. Facebook supports 360, and tips on making VR

This Week: Facebook announced its Newsfeed will now support 360-degree videos on Android and web. iOS will be supported within a few months. (But that’s 360 video on a mobile, not yet for Google Cardboard or VR headsets.)

When in Rome,… VR

A VR tour of the Colosseum in Rome. Best when you can explore yourself.

How to make good VR

Why one game maker is rethinking VR: “you really need to design your game for VR from the ground up, not the other way round”. An interesting blog from the makers of Among the Sleep.

And Game developer Jesse Schell gave six rules for making VR games at the Oculus Connect event in Hollywood. Here’s a good summary, but I’ve pulled out some points below. Many apply to 360 video viewed as a VR experience.

6 Rules of good VR

  1. Avoid motion sickness: Keep frame rate > 60 fps Avoid virtual camera motion Don’t Acclerate/decelerate Keep the horizon level

  2. Design for the medium – you can’t just adapt old forms.

  3. Immersion > gameplay Immersion breakers include poor audio - Schell says that you have to spend twice as much time on audio design – it has to be good

  4. Looking around takes getting used to – you may need to help guide people.

  5. Different hardware enables totally different experiences – pick one platform and optimise for it.

  6. Iterate… A lot

Zillah Watson, Editor, BBC R&D